We provide you with the world’s first plug and play augmented reality console. – RoboHeart – will change the way we play… forever.

Augmented Robotics offers a plug & play Augmented Reality Gaming Console for existing remote-controlled (RC) models like drones, cars and boats. We blur the boundaries between the virtual and real world by adding augmented reality content around the RC models. Our approach allows friends to experience digital adventures in nature instead of in their living room. This freedom of movement turns the whole world into a playground. Games like Pokémon GO or Mario Kart from the RC model’s point of view will be possible.

After placing RoboHeart on top of a RC model, it determines autonomously the type of model. This is achieved via a neural network. The binding process only takes a few seconds and allows the commanding of existing RC models via app. The user must scan his/her environment in order to use augmented reality. This is done with the help of ARCore from Google.

To enable real-time control RoboHeart consists of two systems: The data management system (Linux based) and the control system (embedded operating system).